Andrei Marga, University Reform Today, Cluj University Press, 2005


Foreword 7


The Ambiguity of Cultural Relativism 11

Guidelines for the Reform of Education in Romania 24


The Reform of Education and the Challenges of the Next Century 43

Multicultural Education in Romania 66

Remembrance of the Tragedy 75

Changes in the Education for Roma 79


The Universities new Future in Europe 85

Social and Civic Responsibility of Universities 95

University Authonomy in Romania 110

Experiencing Multicultural Organization. The Case        of Babeş-Bolyai University 117

Babes Bolyai University of Cluj (Case Study) 127

Quality Assurance 152

The Babeş-Bolyai University at its Anniversary 167


The Reform of Education in Romania (1997-2000):          A Retrospective 183

Notes 207


Today education is a pre-condition of the achievements of individuals and communities. Therefore, serious reflection upon education nowadays has a larger impact than ever before. Additionally, the countries in South-Eastern Europe must break the vicious circle in which reforms are postponed because the educational premises, which in turn depend on economic and administrative reforms, are not met. The only way out is to accelerate the reform of education, an imperative action which requires conceptual clarifications, well-elaborated programmes, and effective systemic changes. Petty politics of any colour is against a healthy reform of education.

The volume University Reform Today represents an effort to answer problems and dilemmas that universities face at this time from a practical perspective. This effort must be connected with the actions of reform in which I have participated as a scholar, a Dean of a Faculty of social sciences (1990-92), a Rector of a large university (1993-), a Minister of National Education of Romania (1997-2000), and a member on the Board of the European University Association (2001-).

The present volume gathers studies, programmes, analyses, and proposals that I have elaborated and spearheaded in the past decade. Together they reveal the values, the points of reference, and the options that govern the approaches I have promoted. Collectively, they represent a contribution to the reform of the European university and a reflection upon this process today.

Andrei Marga

Cluj, November, 2001